2018 – The Year in Review

Marnita’s Table celebrates the end of a year in which we achieved our ambitious strategic goals, nurtured and developed our growing team, and began our exciting national expansion journey.

In 2018…

  • We had three stories appear in the Star Tribune.
  • Marnita appeared on WCCO Radio and gave her first Ted Talk at TedX Mahtomedi.
  • We launched our playful new podcast series From A to 10.
  • We can no longer count the number of people who have have hosted IZIs on their own, and we’ve now trained more than 2,700 people in the IZI model.
  • We trained the United Way of Steele County to be IZI master trainers, joining Suburban Ramsey as a center for IZI in our state.
  • We delivered 3 Tea at the Table sessions to introduce new community members to IZI.
  • We welcomed over 8,000 people throughout the country to IZIs.
  • We wrapped up work with the United Way of Steele County and the Live, Learn, Earn Initiative of Scott County.
  • We began a series of IZIs with Carver County Public Health and the Best Buy Diversity and Inclusion Team.
  • We continued our relationship with the Catalyst Initiative as their ongoing convener-of-choice.
  • We began a partnership with Mitchell Hamline College of Law.
  • Event Co-Chairs Sam Goldstein and Perran Wentzel successfully led a team to deliver the most financially successful Start the Conversation fundraiser in our history!
  • We also began to build the resources and connections necessary to deliver Rapid Response pop-up IZIs from coast to coast.

Marnita's Table is a 501(c)3. Our 18-year old organization seeks to close gaps across difference through making Intentional Social Interaction (“IZI") / Digital Intentional Social Interaction (“dIZI”) the new pattern for society where Indigenous; Black and brown people; the disenfranchised; the poor; the LGBTQ+; those from historically and currently pushed to the margins communities; the traditionally unheard and excluded are actively and intentionally included and valued at the policy-making and resource-sharing table.