On February 4, 2016, members of the African community in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center were brought together to express their opinions on what themes and topics they were interested in talking about within the African community related to healing, wellness, and the African Diaspora. They also talked about what it looks like to be inclusive of the entire African Diaspora, including children, youth and senior citizens. After this gathering, many felt that the community needed more time to plan an event together. With this in mind, the Marnita’s Table team added one more planning convening to give the community time to plan.

On April 14th, 2016 the community gathered once again. With catering by the Red Sea and Akwaaba African Market, guests were nourished by good food and positive conversation. Everyone in the room was able to have their voices heard – from young to old.

Throughout the evening, children could be heard laughing, drumming, and making new friends. The night ended with Circle Share-in where every single guest, including children, told everyone what they were grateful for. Some shared gratitude for coming together in community, while others said they were grateful for life itself. The night ended with conversation, new relationships and excitement about the future of the community.