You Are Cordially Invited to Energy Empathy Environment

Dear Friends of the Table, Each November for the last nine years hundreds of community stakeholders have gathered to experience the Table’s model of “Intentional Social Interaction” (IZI) and to raise funds supporting our work. To date, the Table has welcomed nearly...

Energy Empathy Environment

“We must be kind and gentle gardeners with people and nature.” – Bryant McGill. In the face of all that is wrong, cynicism seems an easy choice. Corruption in government defines our everyday news, hurricanes batter the southern coastlines one after the other,...

Addressing Systemic Injustice & the Need for Police Accountability, Reform – Charleena & Philando

It took me three days to write about Philando Castile.

Took that long to process the news that yet again, Black American lives would not be deemed worthy of justice; that here in the U.S., our lives can be taken with impunity at any moment, for any reason, or for no reason at all – for going to the corner store for pop (while Black), a “routine” traffic stop (while Black), being in the wrong place (i.e. America) at the wrong time (i.e. the 21st Century) in the wrong skin.