Dear Friends of the Table,

Each November for the last nine years hundreds of community stakeholders have gathered to experience the Table’s model of “Intentional Social Interaction” (IZI) and to raise funds supporting our work. To date, the Table has welcomed nearly 40,000 individuals across race, class, culture and other forms of self-identify to dine, meet, laugh, cry, celebrate, heal, learn, strategize and share with one another.

At the events Marnita’s Table facilitates for clients and partners we leave our own fundraising out of the picture in favor of focusing entirely on meeting and exceeding our client’s goals and incubating social capital. Therefore, each November we host this annual fundraiser and ask for the continuous support of our greater community and those who share our vision of creating a more inclusive and equitable world.

It is important to set aside time in each of our hectic lives for introspection and to examine the world and society in which we live. Similar to traditional ‘Tables,’ past fundraisers boldly tackled prominent social issues and found unique ways to transcend them and bring people together. This year, instead of spending the evening overcoming the differences that divide, we will be focusing on three themes that connect us all as human beings: “Energy, Empathy, Environment.” Through IZI each one of our 400+ participants will have the opportunity to explore how these themes manifest in one’s life as a means of connecting with ‘the other.’

These themes acutely reflect many conflicts and issues our country has faced this past year. Energy and energy production has been at the center of many political debates. Racial tensions are at an all-time high partly due to the average citizen’s inexperience and isolation from ‘the other,’ contributing to an inability to empathize with others. Environmentally, our country is continuously dealing with droughts and wildfires, horrific hurricanes and tropical storms. This year for the 9th annual Marnita’s Table fundraiser, we ask you to take all of this into consideration and implore you to think critically on these subjects. We all struggle individually with these challenges in some way, shape or form, but we experience their repercussions collectively. Therefore, only together can we overcome them.

Please join us on November 4th, for more details click below.



Perran Wetzel
Co-Chair for 9th Annual Fundraiser

Sam Goldstein
Co-Chair for 9th Annual Fundraiser