Get your tickets now for one of the best dinner parties you’ve ever been to with your old and new best friends and community members!

Demand is high! You will want to be with us for this unforgettable evening of celebration, reciprocal connection and support for Marnita’s Table!! 

Westminster Presbyterian Church Event Center
Saturday, November 18, 2023
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Event Address:

Westminster Presbyterian Church Event Center
1200 Marquette Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55403

To Park:

Westminster Parking Garage
Alice Rainville Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Ticket Levels:

Inclusive Belonging for Three: $325

Individual Ticket: $125

Partial Gift/Scholarship: $50.00

Youth Ticket / Under 16: $30.00

Even if you can’t attend or volunteer

please text 44-321

“I❤️IZI” to donate now!

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An Evening of Authentic Connection

Every year on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving Marnita’s Table produces a singular evening of cross-cultural revelry and inclusive belonging featuring delectable food from across the Twin Cities, scintillating conversation, all in celebration of our recent year of intentional impact! Buy a ticket! Sponsor Marnita’s Table! Your investment in Marnita’s Table and Myth Medicine Memory right now will help us cure our urgent $300K funding gap! 

As always, we will explore the intersection of three words! This year we are considering Myth Medicine Memory! To add to the fun, Myth Medicine Memory is a masquerade gala with interactive onsite mask making! Get creative! Go conceptual! However you decide to reflect Myth Medicine Memory in your attire you won’t want to miss this night!

It is imperative that we close our current funding gap of $300,000 so that we may retain our excellent talent, continue to lift up and pay local vendors, healers and the many other cultural connectors who help bring our experiences to life. We have now served more than 200,000 individuals at our table and at IZIs all over the US, more than 50% were served at a Table we catalyzed!

Even if you can’t attend or volunteer, please text 44-321 “I❤️IZI” to donate now!

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What to Expect!
  • To be enlivened, refreshed and inspired . . .
  • Fabulous food stations crafted by incredible chefs from around the Twin Cities!
  • Delectable signature beverages!
  • More than 300 Interesting people across race, class, culture and other means of self-identity!
  • A Fabulous “create your own” interactive mask making experience!

Even if you can’t attend or volunteer, please text 44-321 “I❤️IZI” to donate now!

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Masquerade FAQs

    Q: Are all costumes allowed?

    A: Costumes are encouraged and celebrated! Be thoughtful about not wearing someone’s culture as a costume! That is cultural appropriation! Worried your costume might be offensive or appropriative? Err on the side of connection, caution, and respect! Think up something else. Feel free to email us at or via DM on our instagram or facebook pages for judgment free and culturally competent advice.

    Q: What if we can’t think up a fun idea or are just too exhausted to make it happen? Will we still be welcomed!

    A: The more diverse, the more eclectic, the more fun the party! We’ll have mask making supplies and other fun ways to embody Myth Medicine Memory even if you don’t have the energy to come up with a great idea! One simple idea! Come dressed as a favorite memory! Did you catch a big fish once? What where you wearing? Did you star in your grade school talent show? Did you go to Woodstock? Remember, that great Prince concert? Are you a fan of RenFest? 

    Q: Are scholarships available?

    A: Yes! Though we hope those who can afford to support us by paying the price of admission do so, we intend to do everything we can to accommodate anyone who wants to attend whether they can pay or not! Email: for the link!

    Even if you can’t attend or volunteer, please text 44-321 “I❤️IZI” to donate now!

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    Get Involved / Volunteer!

      Want to get involved? We can really use some volunteers. Artists to help with mask making! Friends of the Table to help spread the word! Hands to help us set up and tear down! Call us at 612.928.7744 or email us at with “Help for MMM” in the subject line!

      Even if you can’t attend or volunteer, please text 44-321 “I❤️IZI” to donate now!

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