On February 23, 2016, the Catalyst Initiative hosted its first convening of all seed grantees from 2015. This was a chance for our community partners to share lessons learned and begin to explore how their networks can be enhanced and communities of practice built.

Each organization was invited to bring up to four representatives. We invited each group to share a five-minute presentation on their project and lessons learned to date. The stories were compelling, inspiring and creative examples of the innate power to heal that resides in each of us.

Throughout the day a few seed grantee healers led sessions. Samba Fall taught us about the unique elements of African Healing Drums and gave personal examples of how they have dramatically improved the health of his own daughter.

Dr. Joi Lewis led a session exploring topics such as radical self care and what it really means to be present. Dr. Lewis is a coach and consultant for those searching for authentic connection with themselves.

The day was filled with networking and educating one another on achievements and challenges faced. Themes that wound through every organization’s story included the surmounting of obstacles and successes in integrative, spiritual and cultural practices for health and wellbeing.