On March 12th Marnita’s Table and The Catalyst Initiative of the Minneapolis Foundation welcomed a diverse group of community members to Healing From Trauma: Tips & Techniques for Resilience. Only our second event at Westminster Presbyterian Church in downtown Minneapolis, we were so excited to work in the gorgeous new space and with their highly professional staff. We acknowledge this event took place on occupied land.

            We offer thanks to our amazing healers and educators who lead breakout sessions. In “Existential Fatigue” Drake Powe led attendees through an exploration of the feeling of being worn thin by worry and disappointment and techniques for abating it and using it. Serita Collete led “Yoga and Meditation Movement for Liberation and Rest” where attendees practiced movement to release inertia and relax the mind, body and spirit. In “Restoring Power: Trauma and Resilience for Organizers” Ricardo Levins Morales and Molly Glasgow shared embodied techniques for lowering reactivity. Dana (Ainra Njonjo) Suttles taught “Drama Therapy,” a practice focused on self-revelatory performance. We also thank the practitioners and healers who made the quiet room such a safe and healing space: Ihotu Jennifer Ali, Cheré Suzette Bergeron,  Ayo Clemons, and A WANNA MASSAGE? Fine Tuning Naturopathy LLC’s Awana Moye.

           We are so excited to share the “Sticky Stats” we shared in the space with you here! In the future we will be sharing more and more of our materials so stay tuned to future posts on our website!