On March 30-31, 2016 St. Thomas University hosted their annual Diversity and Inclusion conference. Guests were local and global leaders on diversity and inclusion practices in the workplace and society as a whole. Celebrating it’s 28th year, Marnita’s Table was invited as a guest and speaker for the conference. Marnita Schroedl, CEO of Marnita’s Table, spoke on taking risks and trusting in oneself during the opening performance. Her speech was honest and powerful as it explained how “we live in a capitalistic society… what we value we pay for” and how to not undermine your experience and worth.

During the conference speakers from all over the world gave insight on how to create a more inclusive environment for all and how to reach out to those who have been historically left out of organizations. Marnita’s Table held a session on Intentional Social Interaction and it’s use in not only the community, but in business as well.